Posted On: Thu 11-Jul 2013
By: Luke Peters
Off-Road Challenges

The Off-Road Challenges are only 24 days away so consider entering today!

You can choose from 2 rides (the Semi-Circular Challenge (50KM) and the Greenwich Meridian Challenge (50 miles)). Each of the rides also has an extra loop that you can choose to take when you reach the dividing point adding an extra 11KM (Semi-Circular Challenge) or 10 miles (Greenwich Meridian Challenge).

More details can be found on our Off-Road Challenges page or from the organiser, Bob Corbett.
Posted On: Fri 05-Jul 2013
By: Daniel Mann
Blazing Saddles - June 2013 Update

Thankfully the sunshine has stayed with us for the month of June and allowed us to have some great rides in the company of the lovely sunshine. June's rides list was packed full of rides to compliment Bike Week and we had a great turnout of riders.

Alan Baxter is still holding onto the lead in the mens on 97 points with Jim brown holding on to second place with 89 and Richard Button is still securely in third place on 67. Will we see our first two riders to reach 100 points each for this year in July?

In the ladies, Lynn Bonnici is still in first place with 65 points. Elaine Walker is holding on to second on 59 and Jackie Cooper is not far behind on 55 points.

In the juniors we have Lauren Higham is in first place and has started to pull away with the lead again on 24 points behind Sean Browne who has 21. Kieran Higham is in third place on 14 points and looks to stay in third place with a huge lead over fourth place.

To see the full results of the Blazing Saddles for June, head on over to our Blazing Saddles page for more information and a downloadable copy of the current scores!
Posted On: Fri 28-Jun 2013
By: Daniel Mann
Sat 29th June - Off Road Cancelled

Hello everyone,

After riding the off-road route today during the bad weather conditions it has been decided that the off-road ride will not go ahead tomorrow because I feel it is unsafe and too dangerous to use the route that was planned when wet and I would rather not risk the chance of riders coming off their bikes.

The on-road route will still go ahead as normal leaving Costello's at 2pm and heading to Tewin Fete for anyone who wishes to ride tomorrow. Those who had planned to ride the off-road are more than welcome to join the on-road route instead.

Daniel Moore,
Stevenage & NH CTC Ride Leader.
Posted On: Mon 24-Jun 2013
By: Tina Walker
A plea for Courtesy

We have received a letter from a fellow cyclist who had a close call with one of our Wednesday evening rides.

I have hidden details of who it was for obvious reasons. However I am making a plea on their behalf for our riders to show some thought for other cycleway users especially when turning corners and at junctions. We have a right to use the cycleways (and roads too) but we have no right to obstruct or endanger other users. It costs us nothing to be considerate and friendly/polite at least.

"I was cycling in the opposite direction to your group on the cycle path .... I was confronted by shouts of "right turn" and yelps as cyclists turned right cutting across my side of the track. To avoid a collision I had to slam on my brakes ... This type of thing wouldn't usually frustrate me in the way it has but what made the incident even more annoying was that not one of the group even acknowledged or apologised to me. In fact one member shouted at me to wait for the group to pass."

"If an experienced cyclist like me is left with a bad experience of the CTC I'd hate to think what people who are just beginning to get out on their bike would think by a similar reception."

"I've hated writing this, in fact I've almost deleted it twice. I just think that an organisation like yours has a massive role in promoting cycling and a bit of politeness and etiquette would go a long way in supporting this don't you think?"
Posted On: Mon 17-Jun 2013
By: Luke Peters
Stevenage Circular Cycle

The Stevenage Circular Cycle rolled out from its new start location with more than 100 riders attempting the half century challenge.

We, as a group, would like to thank Marriotts Sports Centre for their cooperation yesterday. Without their help, the day would not have been possible.

As always, a massive thank you to the many volunteers around the route. Without your help, this event would have only been one of Alison's wildest dreams.

And of course, the final piece of the puzzle, thank you to all of the cyclists who took on the challenge and congratulations to those of you who made it around.

Our next challenge rides are just 7 weeks away. The Off-Road Challenges give you the opportunity to pit yourself against a route between 50km and 100km on August 4th, 2013.

Also there is the Cecil Cooke Memorial Trophy for CTC members which is organized by last year's winner, Stuart Higham. The competition is on 15th September, 2013.