Posted On: Sat 17-Mar 2018
By: Penny Schenkel
Sundays ride (18th March) CANCELLED

It is a shame but based on the prospect of 4” of snow and an official ‘Amber Snow Warning’ our Sunday ride is cancelled. Broken collar bones or hips need to be avoided.
Hopefully this will be the last of this type of bad weather this year.
Posted On: Wed 28-Feb 2018
By: Penny Schenkel
Sundays rides (Sunday 4 March) CANCELLED

We are looking at the weather conditions and have decided to CANCEL the rides (Sunday 4th March). We don't want anyone out there risking life and limb. Take care and see you soon.
Posted On: Sun 04-Feb 2018
By: Penny Schenkel
Blazing Saddles - February Update

New interim results are on the blazing saddles page now!
Posted On: Thu 25-Jan 2018
By: Tina Walker
Stevenage Start of Summertime Specials - 25th March - ENTRIES ARE OPEN

Entries are open online

The rides are again the first rides forming part of the CyclingUK Challenge Series.

Follow the link below to enter and for up to date information.

Start of Summertime page
Posted On: Mon 11-Dec 2017
By: Tina Walker
Blazing Saddles Reults are in

Full Blazing saddles reaults are now available on the Saddles page.