Posted On: Sun 03-Feb 2019
By: Jackie Cooper
Blazing Saddles - January 2019 Updates

New Interim results are on the Blazing Saddles page now!
Posted On: Sun 27-Jan 2019
By: Penny Schenkel
New ride list issued ... Off Road and On Road options

February to April we have 46 rides for your delight. From easy short rides through off road exploration and up to 100mile (160km) challenges. Our Start of Summertime Specials (SSOSS) are back opening the National Challenge series once again on March 31st. See the rides page for details.
Posted On: Thu 17-Jan 2019
By: Tina Walker
Consultation on the future transport strategy

Ends on 6th March.

Stevenage Borough Council are currently consulting on a new transport strategy for the Borough and would love to hear your views.


Let's not miss opportunities to speak up for cycling and other sustainable and active transport. Have your say - Please don't assume someone else is doing this. The more input from cyclists the more impact we can have.

Future Town, Future Transport

Posted On: Sun 13-Jan 2019
By: Jackie Cooper
Blazing Saddles - December 2018 Update

New Interim results are on the Blazing Saddles page now!
Posted On: Fri 19-Oct 2018
By: Tina Walker
Stevenage Cycle Hub - Can you help?

Stevenage Cycle Hub are looking for volunteers to help at the new Cycle Hub in Fairlands Valley Park.

The Cycle Hub will be providing easy rides for adults & children in the region of 3 – 6 miles, cycle training for both adults and children, cycle hire and sales of accessories & small parts. We will also accept donations of unwanted bikes which we will recondition for resale or dismantle for spares.

We are looking for help with all kinds of things from ‘front of house’, leading rides, setting up a children’s cycling club (with opportunities for coaching), maintaining the fleet of hire bikes to cleaning & tea making! All equally important.

The hub is open Wednesday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in the summer (Sunday 9:30 am – 4:00 pm), and to 4:00pm (3:00 pm) in the winter.

So if you feel you could give some of your time to help – anything from an hour to a number of days a week – contact Andy by email or pop in to the hub for a chat.