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The Blazing saddles trophy is awarded to the rider who participates in the highest number of rides each year. It has been a tradition of the Stevenage & North Herts CTC since it was first introduced in 1992 when Andrew Sherratt won it.

Only rides organised by the local group count towards the Blazing Saddles competition. These are rides that appear in the printed programme or here on the website. Points are awarded for each ride. Over the course of the year your points will accumilate to give you a total at the end of the year.

The first ride of the "year" used to always be the Christmas Lunch ride during which the awards for the previous year are presented. This was changed to make production of trophies easier for the organisers. Now the first ride of the 'year' is the first one after Emitremmus.

Although all riders are included in our results tables, only those who are CTC members are eligible to receive the Blazing Saddles trophy.

Remember, this is a local competition designed only to increase the interest in our rides.

Current standings:

Even with the variable weather, we have still had 380 riders out in May, with Bike Week being well attended and extra days to ride. Let's hope June continues with more of you joining us.......

The results for this month and the positions stand as follows:

Ben Ademola has only just taken first place with 86 points, Bob Corbett closely follows in second place with 84 Points, Alan Baxter holds third place with 76 points, with Dave Hall remaining fourth with 69 points, Paul Boielle now in fifth place with 60 points.

Jackie Cooper holds first place with 71 points, second Penny Schenkel with 50 points, third Lynn Bonnici with 30 points, Pauline Brennan holds fourth place with 26 points, with Nicola Morris in fifth place with 23 points.

Retaining first place, Sophia Morris leads with 15 points, Marly Aldwinckle takes second place with 8 points, joint third place are Jack Eldridge, Zoe Nuttal and Noah Clarke with 6 points, fourth place is Lucas Knapp with 4 points.

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CTC DA Medals

In addition to the Blazing Saddles, Medals are also awarded to riders who have gained a certain number of points in local event rides. The medals are given out as part of the presentation ceremony that happens at the Christmas lunch.

Medals are awarded for the following points ranges:

Gold 28+ points
Silver 20-27 points
Bronze 13-19 points

Points are awarded depending on the ride and the distance you cover. The table below shows the points awarded for participating in our main local rides:

Event Points
Start of Summertime (SSOSS) 60km 3
115km 6
160km 9
200km 12
Stevenage Circular Cycle 84km 4
Baldock Cycle Challenge 44km (Loop 1) 2
50km (Loop 2) 2
95km (Both) 5
Off-Road Challenge (50km) 3
Cecil Cooke Trophy (per event) 1
Emitremmus 101km 5
62km (Lite) 3
  • Volunteer helpers get the points awarded for the main ride at an event whether they ride it or not. Helper points will count towards the award of medals provided an individual rides at least one event during the year.