Posted On: Thu 26-Oct 2017
By: Penny Schenkel
Emitremmus 2017 - Entries Closed

Just to let you know that entries closed on Wednesday evening so we can prepare for Sundayís ride. Until they run out late entries will be available for £12. We have had a great volume of interest this year and look forward to seeing everyone on the day.
Posted On: Sun 01-Oct 2017
By: Tina Walker
Rides added for November/December

Leaders please check my typing and let Tina/Penny know about typos!
Posted On: Wed 27-Sep 2017
By: Penny Schenkel
Emitremmus page updated with more 2017 details

Check out the latest on this years Emitremmus ride (67 km and 100 km).
Online entries are open and we are looking forward to seeing you on the day.
Emitremmus page
Posted On: Mon 04-Sep 2017
By: Penny Schenkel
Interested in Treasure ... Sunday 17 September 2017

Some information about the upcoming Treasure Hunt on Sunday 17th September 2017 at 09:30. The start will be at the memorial in the Old Town and the route will be Ö ???
Did you think it would be that easy.
ďIím not sure why Iím doing this, but I admit itís a pleasure.
To be acting suspiciously while hiding some treasure.
Youíll pass places unfamiliar and others youíll know.
To collect all thatís required and this you must show.
So with answers to locate and a mascot to find.
Take part in an exercise of body and mind.
With air in your tyres and a smile on your face.
Remember itís for fun and never a race.
For the winner, a prize, the glory, the fame.
And the rest of you all, just live with the shame.
Hereís a hint for the finish, it might help you think.
Just find where Iím hiding and maybe buy me a drink.Ē
Bona fortuna.
Posted On: Mon 24-Jul 2017
By: Penny Schenkel
Think about the Weekend - Lots going on!

This Saturday (29th July) Pete is leading a group down to the London FREE CYCLE event. This is an awesome day out ... meet at Bragbury End at 8am to join in with this.
On Sunday we have at least 2 riders doing the RIDE LONDON event, Nicola and Jason Morris are regular riders with the group and they are very excited about this event.
Not to be outdone our own Bruce White is taking on London-Edinburgh-London 2017 (1436 km long and has 11,128 m of climbing). It starts on 30 July and goes on until 4th August, it's one hell of a bike ride. Post any encouragement to (I will collate and pass them onto him) ... not that he will have much time for such things on route but I know he will appreciate it!
You can follow him and see how he progresses here: