Posted On: Fri 06-Mar 2015
By: Tina Walker
Night Rides and Lights – Stevenage and North Herts CTC Policy

The issue of lights was discussed at the last meeting and this is our agreed policy on the matter.

All participants on our evening and night rides must have suitable front and rear lights, so that they can be seen and meet road traffic regulations.
When riding on one of our rides; the lights must be switched to continuous illumination (not flashing). Flashing lights can be dangerous when riding in a group. Flashing lights can trigger a fit in riders with light sensitive epilepsy (we have at least one rider with light sensitive epilepsy). Flashing lights can also temporarily ‘blind’ following riders leading to accidents. (The only exception is the official sweeper who may use a flashing rear light to aid the safety of the whole group.)
Posted On: Thu 05-Mar 2015
By: Daniel Mann
Bike Maintenance Course

Tailored to suit a small group but generally covering adjustment, brakes, gears and tyres.
5 Mondays starting March 23rd at 19:30 at the Norton Methodist Hall, North Ave, Letchworth.
It will be £20 for 5 sessions to cover costs, concessions are available.
Starting with basic adjustment and progressing at a pace to suit the small group, you can expect to cover what you need to give you even more two-wheeled freedom.

Contact to book.
Posted On: Thu 26-Feb 2015
By: Daniel Mann
Bike marking - Edd

Shephall PCSOs will be attending Edd's Bikes at The Hyde Shops, Stevenage on Saturday 7th March to carry out a bike marking event. Bring your bikes along between 10am-12pm and get your bike UV marked, get information on immobilise and crime prevention advice.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who doesn't already have their bike UV marked to get it done so in the case of a theft, the police have more information and can return the bike to you if found somewhere.
Posted On: Sat 21-Feb 2015
By: Tina Walker
Sorry *CANCELLED* Sunday eary riser - due to illness

Jackie is unwell so Sunday's ride is off, so sorry folks.
Posted On: Fri 06-Feb 2015
By: Daniel Mann
Blazing Saddles - Jan 2015

We're into the new year and the cycling season is beginning to flourish, once all the recent snow has moved on that is. Here's a quick run down of the Blazing Saddles competition at the end of January!

Dave Hall is leading the gents competition and overall with 27 points after 21 rides. James Partington is in second place on 21 points and third place is Paul Boielle with 19.

In the ladies, Jill Borcherds is in first with 17 points, followed by Jenny Smith with 11. Third place is currently held by Lynn Bonnici and Elaine Walker who both have 8 points.

The Junior competition is looking rather competitive atm with both Robert Dixon and Sid Homewood on 5 points and Lauren Higham and Zoe Nuttall both on 4 points.

For the full list of riders and points, please check out the January's results below:

January 2015