Posted On: Fri 29-Nov 2013
By: Tina Walker
Early Riser spins - as the weather cools....

Please would people planning to join Jackie on these rides text her to confirm that a ride is on prior to setting out. She will cancel if the risk of ice is too high.
Posted On: Fri 29-Nov 2013
By: Tina Walker
Professional bike fitting *price reduced*

Would anyone be interested in a professional bike fitting with a company in Hertford? It would make a good christmas gift!

Its worth 125 the owner would like something like just 30 for it.

If yes please contact us through the contact page please.
Posted On: Wed 20-Nov 2013
By: Tina Walker
An odd request

Now a bit of forward planning for 2014!!

Does anyone know a builder or scaffolder who would be willing to help over the weekends of our big events (end March and End Oct) with some temporary cycle parking?
Posted On: Wed 20-Nov 2013
By: Tina Walker
Pretty please!

All cyclists - we have been asked very nicely by the staff at Fairlands Valley Park not to cycle through the patio area and the front of the sailing centre.

This is not unreasonable given that this is the pedestrianised part.

So please - if you see anyone cycling through there - please ask them to stop and walk.

Posted On: Fri 15-Nov 2013
By: Luke Peters
Off Road/Cecil Cooke Results

The results for the Off Road Challenges and the Cecil Cooke Memorial Trophy are now live on our site.

21 riders completed one of the 4 Off Road Challenge distances on offer in August and 16 riders took part in the Cecil Cooke Memorial Trophy. Stuart Higham has once again won the trophy and will be organising it again in 2014.