Posted On: Sun 17-May 2015
By: Daniel Mann
Blazing Saddles - April 2015

April came and past very quickly and we're now into May, the half way point in this years Blazing Saddles competition. The days are getting longer and the rides are too, both in numbers and distance. Here's a little round up of the competition standings so far!

Dave Hall is leading the gents competition with 74 points from 53 rides. James Partington is Alan Baxter are quite a way behind with 58 and 56 points respectively.

In the ladies, Jill Borcherds has first place wrapped up with 44 points and has increased her lead slightly over Lynn Bonnici in second place with 30 points. Jackie Cooper is in third with 18 points and Christina Meade is on her tail with 17.

The junior competition is in a muddle at the moment with two lads; Robert Dixon and Sid Homewood joint first with 16 points after 16 rides and two ladies; Lauren Higham and Zoe Nuttall joint third with 9 points after 9 rides.

For the full list of riders and points, please check out the April results below:

April 2015
Posted On: Sat 02-May 2015
By: Luke Peters
Stevenage & North Herts CTC Jerseys

Ok we have a long history of indecision on this but we want to put on a united front for the Women's Tour so we have got our skates on and put together a design. If you want one the deadline is very tight. We need to have your order and deposit of 15 by Saturday May 9th at the absolute latest.

Reasonable cost of 30.00 for the short sleeve top and 35.00 for the long sleeve version. Gearclub make womens and mens styles and the quality is good (Stevenage Cycle Club use them for their kit). The designs for the two tops and the sizing chart is attached to this email (the text on the sides will be different on the finished Jerseys, one side North Herts and one side Stevenage) .

In the future other types of kit may be available. Gearclub and Stevenage CC have lent us various sizes of tops which you can try on or you can simply order from the size chart. If you wish to try on one of the sample jerseys (size only, not our design) then go to Bills house at 72 Whitney Drive, Stevenage, SG1 4BJ [07860910414] from 7-9pm on Tuesday 5th and from 7-9pm on Thursday 7th May. Choose your top and give Bill the deposit with cash or cheque.

If you do not give your deposit/details to Bill you can pay the deposit and for you to leave details of the size plus do you wish a short or long sleeve jersey on the website.

Bill has agreed to be the 'keeper of the club kit' so any questions please direct to or 07860910414. Bill will be ordering the tops on 11/05/2015 and they take 5 weeks to arrive.

If you miss this deadline do not worry as we will probably place another order later in the year if there is sufficient interest.
Posted On: Sun 12-Apr 2015
By: Daniel Mann
Blazing Saddles - March 2015

March has passed us by and we are now into April and seeing lots more riders dust off those bikes and join us out on the road. The March results don't currently include the Stevenage Start of Summertime Specials but we are hoping they will be available soon. So without any further delays here's a quick run down of the Blazing Saddles competition at the end of March!

Dave Hall is still leading the gents competition with 61 points from 44 rides. Alan Baxter and James Partington are joint second on 43 points with Alan having rode 31 rides compared to James' 27.

In the ladies, Jill Borcherds is still in first place with 35 points over 22 rides. Lynn Bonnici sits in second with 23 points and in third place is Christina Meade with 15 points.

Robert Dixon is starting to pull away from the rest in the juniors with 13 points from 13 rides. Sid Homewood is still holding onto second with 11 points and third place is Zoe Nuttall on 8 points.

For the full list of riders and points, please check out the March results below:

March 2015
Posted On: Wed 08-Apr 2015
By: Tina Walker

Sunday's Ride with Loyd is a B grade ride not the D that was listed on here until this evening!

Sorry folks,
Posted On: Fri 27-Mar 2015
By: Luke Peters
Entries closed

Entries for the Start of Summertime Specials are now closed.

Anyone who has not yet entered may enter on-the-line if there are brevet cards available. Please get there early for the best chance of getting a place.