Posted On: Wed 23-Oct 2013
By: Daniel Mann
Emitremmus Entries Now Closed!

With just a few days to go until Emitremmus 2013 we have now closed the online entries. There are over 350 entries currently in our system in what is looking to be a great event this year and we can't wait to see everyone on Sunday.

For those who haven't yet entered for the Emitremmus but want to, we are sorry that online entries are now closed and that postal entries sent now may not be processed in time. If you would like to join the ride then you will need to turn up on the day and register with us. On the line entries will cost 10 for both the 101km and lite routes.

If you want to speed up the process on the day you can fill out an entry form in advance and bring it to us on the day along with the payment which will save you time having to fill out the form when you arrive.

For everyone who has entered, please make sure you have everything prepared for the ride you are taking part in. It's good to have a last check over your bike and make sure you have a spare inner tube or puncture repair kit in case of an accident. If you want to familiarise yourself with the route you can download a copy of the Desrever (101km) routesheet or the Lite (67km) routesheet from the links.

You can check our electronic "Is Your Name Here?" on site now to double check that your entry has been received and confirmed and also see your rider number and which start group you have been allocated to. If your name does not appear on the lists or you have any other general queries then please do contact us using the web form on our contact page.

All other information about the event can be found on the Emitremmus page.
Posted On: Sun 20-Oct 2013
By: Luke Peters
Emitremmus a week away

Emitremmus 2013 is now only a week away so please take a look at the below update.

If you have not already entered, you are cutting it extremely fine. We cannot guarantee that there will be any brevet cards available. if there are any remaining, entries will be available on the day.

Please check to make sure that you are appearing on the Is your name here. If it is not you need to get in touch with us as soon as possible (use the Contact button in the top right corner of any page).

On the day, please be considerate to other road users as there will be many hundreds of people coming to Fairlands Valley Park, and not all of them will be cyclists. Also, please remember that the road on the left turn out of Fairlands Valley Park is closed at the moment, you will need to use the cycle track for the start of the ride.

If possible, please come by bike. If this is not an option, you can take a look at this handy travel guide on available train options and also tips for driving to the event.

Be aware that if you are coming by train, there are planned disruptions due to engineering work. Riders intending to get the train between Cambridge and Royston will be unable to do so, replacement bus services are in operation until 10.00AM.

Trains depart from Royston 0650 (arr 0711), 0715 (a 0738), 0735 (a 0758), 0835 (a 0902), 0935 (a 1002).

Trains depart from Peterborough 0746 (arr 0839), 0846 (a 0939), 0916 (a 0958).

Trains depart from London Kings Cross 0610 (a 0706 - 1 change), 0630 (a 0741 - 2 changes OR 0812 - 1 change), 0900 (a 0937), 0928 (a 1006).

If coming by train, please allow yourself plenty of time and check with your train operator for any extra changes to train times. Costello's Cafe will be open so you can always grab a drink if you get there early.

We all look forward to seeing you next weekend.
Posted On: Tue 15-Oct 2013
By: Luke Peters
Online Entries Suspended

UPDATE: Online entries have now reopened.

Unfortunately online entries have had to be temporarily suspended.

At this time, we are planning to continue accepting online entries for a short while longer, despite the fact that the entry deadline was today.

Please keep an eye on this page for more information regarding online entries.
Posted On: Wed 09-Oct 2013
By: Daniel Mann
Emitremmus Update

Here is an update on how Emitremmus 2013 is shaping up:

The first 200 or so entries were processed this evening. The postman will be busy now then.


With just over 2 weeks to go until the 27th October we already have over 170 entries for both events. If you still want to enter either the Desrever (101km) or the Lite (67km) event then there is plenty of time, You can either print of an available from our Emitremmus page and send it through the post or enter online for the Desrever (101km) or Lite (67km).

All the information including entrants letters, route sheets and parking information can all be found on our Emitremmus page. All files are up to date so hopefully there will be no confusion with older information being used.

As local cyclists will be aware, there is currently some road works going on along Six Hills Way between Valley Way and Shephall Way and as a result the Fairlands Valley car park near Costello's can only be accessed from the Valley Way side of Six Hills Way. Luckily we have managed to come up with some alternatives on getting to the start which can be found here.

In previous years we have uploaded a "Is Your Name Here?" every few days to allow entrants to make sure that they have been fully registered for the events. This year we have created an automated system that shows all this information. Groups and Numbers haven't been assigned yet but will be closer to the date of the event so make sure to check back regularly for updates and let Jim know if you don't see yourself on the list.

Emitremmus 2013 - Is Your Name here?

That's everything for now, We look forward to seeing lots of happy new and familiar faces on the 27th.

Kind regards,

Emitremmus Ridemakers.
Posted On: Wed 09-Oct 2013
By: Tina Walker
October-December Rides list online

Just finalised the rides list and I have emailed around to everyone.

However the Christmas Day ride will only go out if there are sufficient people willing to ride - please let Jim know.

The PDF has now been updated. It will not be changed again - so treat the online list as the master one.

Ride Leaders please check the website for your rides to ensure errors are taken out.