Posted On: Mon 17-Dec 2012
By: Luke Peters
Runner-up Hertfordshire Community Club of the Year

Stevenage & North Herts CTC are pleased to announce that earlier today, we were named as the second-placed Hertfordshire Community Club of the Year. We lost out to Stevenage & North Herts Athletics Club for the main prize.

Jim Brown led a congregation, which scared the resident photographer, to collect the award at the University of Hertfordshire, who included, Tina Walker, Elaine Walker, Alison Mills, Sarah-Jane Mills, Lauren Higham, Daniel Moore and Luke Peters.

Look out for photographs and the award that we received as it will likely make the rounds and will probably be our guest star at the next rides meeting.
Posted On: Mon 03-Dec 2012
By: Luke Peters
November Blazing Saddles

The three Blazing Saddles competitions are now all wrapped up into a nice Christmas present for our three leaders (Alan, Alison and Lauren).

As we roll into the final two weeks before the Christmas Lunch (start of the new Blazing Saddles competition), as a group, we have ridden close to 200 rides for the year.

As we move into the winter months, we will be looking for new amazing riders to blaze ahead in the 2013 Blazing Saddles competition and try and dethrone these runaway winners of 2012.
Posted On: Thu 22-Nov 2012
By: Tina Walker
Emitremmus 2012 Results

Emitremmus 2012 provisional results are released on the original website - hopefully soon to be made available here too.
Posted On: Sun 18-Nov 2012
By: Luke Peters
October Blazing Saddles Update

With only 21 rides to go, the pieces are all starting to fall into place in the three Blazing Saddles competitions.

Alan is 2 rides away from guaranteeing victory in the leading men's competition with Jim guaranteed to finish no lower than equal second. Robert is third, 9 points clear of Richard in fourth.

Alison had guaranteed victory in the leading women's competition at the end of last month so we will look to second and third. Lynn needs to ride only twice to guarantee a podium finish and is currently 13 points clear of both Diane and Elaine in equal third place. They are 6 points clear of Jackie in fifth place.

Moving on to the junior's competition, things start getting a little more complicated. Lauren is 17 points clear of her closest rival for the victory in this competition but every other junior that has ridden with us this year is able to take second place. Sean is in second with 19 points, 6 clear of his closest rival. 3 points seperate the next 4 riders in the race for third.

Stevenage & North Herts CTC has already run 188 rides this year and with another 21 planned, we look set to run a new highest number of rides for the year.

Remember that we are still running rides every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday so remember to stay on your bike over the Winter!
Posted On: Mon 29-Oct 2012
By: Luke Peters
Emitremmus another success

Emitremmus has been another great success with around 400 people setting off from Fairlands Valley Park. Feedback immediately after the event was quite good and we owe this all to the riders and also the Emitremmus Ride Makers who gave up their days to make the event happen.

Please remember to join us for the AGM this evening (Monday 29th October).

Also, remember to join us for Christmas Lunch. Please contact Jackie Cooper to book in for lunch - places are limited!.

Also, looking ahead into the new year, remember to join us when we celebrate the start of summertime in March 2013 with the Stevenage Start of Summertime Specials.