Posted On: Mon 07-Jan 2013
By: Tina Walker
Hertfordshire CTC 2013 Photographic Competition

This year's contest is special.
We've extended the qualifying period to include the London Olympics and Paralympics. Have you any stunning images that fit this year’s subject of 'Sport and Recreational Activity'? Then we would like to see them on Thursday 3 October at the Clubroom (Colney Heath Village Hall). Better still, come along and help judge the best prints and digital slides. You can even vote for your own entries.

For more information see the guidance on or contact Brian (
Posted On: Wed 02-Jan 2013
By: Luke Peters
December Blazing Saddles

After 9 rides, already some people have established themselves as contenders for the award next year with 3 points separating the top 3 riders.

Jim Brown is currently leading the men's competition after having ridden 100% of the rides organised so far (9) and Alan Baxter, likely unaccustomed to being outridden by anyone is in second place with 8 rides.

Elaine Walker is leading the ladies competition with 7 rides followed by Jackie Cooper with 5.

Lauren is already in the lead in the juniors competition with 2 rides but has 4 fellow juniors chasing her down with one ride each!

Already, 98 rides have been ridden as part of our organised local group rides programme.

That means we are already averaging just under 11 riders per ride in the middle of winter!

Remember that tonight Robert is taking us on a mystery Winter Wander from the Bowling Green in the Old Town at 7:15 PM. Jackie is taking us to Stevenage Garden Centre on Saturday with the traditional 1 PM Winter start time and Jim is leading the Epiphany Excursion to the Bright Star, Peter's Green on Sunday with a 9:30 AM start from the Old Town.

We look forward to seeing you out on the road!
Posted On: Tue 01-Jan 2013
By: Luke Peters
New Website Release

Welcome to the new Stevenage & North Hertfordshire CTC website.

As you can see, we have released a new version of our website. New year, new start, new website!

We have tested this new website extensively but there may be things that are not working how they should. If you do find anything like this, then please send us an e-mail using our contact form which can be found on the navigation bar at the top of the screen.
Posted On: Wed 19-Dec 2012
By: Luke Peters
Blazing Saddles Results

The Blazing Saddles competition of 2012 ended with three clear-cut victors in their categories.

Alan Baxter ran away with the Leading Men's competition winning by 25 points over Jim Brown who had secured a top two finish at the end of October finished with a full 30 point advantage over Robert Finney in third.

Alison Mills had already been confirmed as the Leading Lady by the end of October and easily won followed up by Lynn Bonnici (84) and Elaine Walker (68).

Lauren Higham was 2012's leading junior after riding 38 times with the group. She was followed up by Sean Browne in second (27) and Jack Jeffreys in third (13).

This was a successful year for the group with over 3000 rides being completed spread over more than 200 riders plus everyone who visited us for our Audax rides.

With the Christmas Lunch ride last Sunday (16th December), a new competition started for the Blazing Saddles. Now is the time to get your first few points in to give you the best chance of winning the award next year!
Posted On: Wed 19-Dec 2012
By: Luke Peters
(Not the) Stevenage Start of Summertime Specials 2013

As we look back on another successful year and look at the successes that we have witnessed, it is time to look ahead to our next major event which is of course the Stevenage Start of Summertime Specials 2013.

Due to the Easter weekend falling on the weekend of the "Start of Summertime" we are pushing the events back a week into April where we may even get warmer weather!

The 2013 events are the twentieth edition of these specials which see riders come from far and wide to complete one of the three distances.

Looking to the future, it has been decided to bring a new organiser into the fray so in 2013, the organiser of the 62km event will be Luke Peters. Luke's details are available on the contact page should you have any queries on the 62km event.

Paul Boielle will continue to be as involved and as instrumental as ever in ensuring that these events go ahead without a hitch.

Look out for new entry forms, posters and route sheets for the 2013 rides in the new year.